Roblox Game Review – A Detailed List Of Pros and Cons!

Roblox pros and cons is one exciting topic that has been discussed several times but still, both parents and kids desire to know more about the gaming platform and keep searching for the review. Most of the guides present online are trying to elaborate pros of Roblox but there are few delicate aspects of concerns that should be handled with care. Being a happy user, you need to be aware of the cons of Roblox and find out ways to deal with them. Here I would like to discuss both aspects of the game but in a peaceful manner.  First of all, my views are not structured to criticize the game and all the shared information should only be treated as a peaceful protest.

Roblox Review

Roblox – An Introduction

Roblox, as we all know, is not a single game but a gaming universe where you easily find countless games designed by users. All the user-generated games are characterized in dozens of titles and they are perfectly maintained for the children. If you belong to the age group of 8 to 18, the gaming platform has certainly a lot to offer. Yes, the majority of the users belong to age 8-12 but it is the parents who show plenty of interest in the unbiased reviews. These parents really want to know whether this particular gaming universe is safe for their kids or not. There are many games that have highly advanced gameplay and include stuff like violence and weapons. Kids who are under 13 are allowed to access a safe chat mode option. This particular chat option allows the parents to login and find out the kind of stuff being talked by their kids.

Roblox is free to play and interested candidates can get the platform from the Play Store. It will only take few moments to download the game and create an account. When you are done with the account creation, you need to design your own avatar and little space will be allotted to you in the Roblox universe. Being a member of the game, you are allowed to access a tool box that contains many valuable items that you require in order to create your own game. Overall, Roblox is an extremely impressive and safe place for the kids to enjoy, communicate and congregate. Users are not allowed to pay anything in order to get the app but if they desire to upgrade their gaming experience, they can check out subscription offerings. When you opt for the upgrades, you are allowed to access premium avatars, removal of on-screen adds and most importantly accessing or managing multiple locations at one time.  Spending little money will get you more Robux (in-app currency) and the currency is best used to customize avatars, access special abilities and gain important tools and building materials. If you dont want to purchase the robux then you can use our guide of how to get free robux which has in depth information about the subject.


Getting to the business end of the guide, the time has arrived to discuss pros of Roblox. There are many positive points that really make the gaming platform pretty special. It is mainly of these positive points; you can easily enjoy the platform for a long time and that too without getting bored for a moment.

  1. Huge Diversity – When you deal with Roblox, there are endless possibilities to enjoy. In the game, you are allowed to build a yacht, castle, truck and anything else that you dream of. The game offers a complete opportunity to demonstrate the creative power of human mind. In simple words, if you are creative, Roblox is the game you will enjoy most.
  2. 2. Educational Stuff – There are not many games that do contain the education element. Being a parent you would love to see your kid learning out marketing, money, sales and plenty more exciting stuff. Many life skills are presented in an entertaining manner and highly appreciated by the kids all around the world.
  3. Chat and Friends – Adding friends and using safe chat option is an integral part of Roblox. You are allowed to communicate with other members in order to try out new things. It is very much possible to create new groups and have fun while discussing important aspects of the game. Roblox helps in making your kids social but only when chap option is applied carefully.
  4. Advertising – As a user, you are allowed to promote your games and exhibit your creativity to others. Promoting creations will keep you interested all the time and only motivate you to create better games next time.


There are not many cons but still, you need to pay serious attention to the aspects of concerns associated with Roblox.

  1. Taxes – If you are the guy, who finds it hard to deal with the taxes in real life, you will surely hate Roblox. Makers have certainly made a huge mistake and taken the concept too far. NBC members are struggling to deal with taxes as they only get small money (10%) from the sales.
  2. BC games – Only players with money are allowed to enjoy BC games as they can afford premium upgrades. Yes, you are not required to spend any money to get the game but still being NBC member, you are forced to deal with many limitations.
  3. Game Access – BC games have been a huge problem for many as you are required to pay Robux in order to access them. NBC members simply don’t get enough opportunity to play these games and this is the most disappointing aspect of Roblox.
  4. Minimum Price – If you think of selling your shirt and pants in the game, you will gain 10 robux or 120 tickets. Taking another side of the coin, as a newcomer, you need to wait for a long time (10 to 20 days) just get your first shirt or pant.

Both pros and cons have been revealed in this particular guide and following the details will only allow you to enjoy Roblox in a better way.