Roblox Guide

Do you love creating your own virtual worlds and design exciting online games highly appreciated worldwide? Sounds crazy to me but countless individuals have applied amazing Roblox gaming platform to achieve the cause. This particular gaming platform is developed and released by Roblox Corporation in 2006. Even after decade-long time, new players keep on joining Roblox and seek guides and tutorials in order to make quick progress. Finally, we have something exciting to share in the form of Roblox beginners guide and provide details which will even assist experienced candidates. We will here try to cover few basic aspects of the game like how to create your first game, how to add check points, application of quality tools and lot more.

Roblox Beginners Guide – Know Deep About The Game!

how to play roblox

Being part of the user generated massive online gaming platform for a while, it is pretty easy to guide out the individuals who are not able to crack the code of making good games in Roblox. It is not tough but there are some tactics that you need to apply.

  1. Make Your First Game in Roblox Studio – Don’t get overexcited when you are making your first game in Roblox Studio. There is a need to follow few simple instructions in order to design a right game. In the beginning, open the Roblox Studio and checkout the available templates. Players can select one of the available templates on the basis of themes or gameplay. On selecting the template, you can either use it straightaway or customize it according to your own needs. We can certainly take the fine example of extremely popular and easy to use a template – Infinite Runner. Most of the gamers would love to publish this template without making any changes while there are few, who prefer to have little more fun and make an effort to customize it. It is pretty easy indeed to change these templates even when you don’t have any coding experience. You are allowed to change colors and even materials of different parts. As a player, you need to get used to different options and effectively use them to create a completely new looking game from an old one. When you are done with all the desired changes, click on FILE option and select PUBLISH TO ROBLOX.
  2. Add Checkpoints – There are many gamers indeed who try hard to create a game that contains level progression. In order to achieve the task, there is a need to create checkpoints in these games. First of all, you must select the game in which you desire to add spawn points by opening the Roblox Studio. The checkpoint system is easily applicable to different types of games ranging from survival to shooter. While working on your theme, right click and select INSERT OBJECT option. After that, select Spawn Location and it is done. A spawn location is basically the place where your character will reappear after death.
  3. Need Of Using Tools – When you start playing Roblox game, there is a need to generate Robux in huge numbers. Getting many Robux is not easy especially when you are still pretty new to the gaming platform. If you are looking to spend money on this virtual currency, you need to wait and seriously think of using tools and cheats. There are some tools and cheats available online and are good enough to generate unlimited Robux. As a gamer, you need to select the best tool and apply it properly. Here it is worth to mention indeed, application of the wrong tool will only get your gaming account banned. Only good tools are safe and have the potential to generate unlimited Robux at will.
  4. Change Color Of Your Character – Changing color of the character is pretty exciting stuff as it adds more spice to the game. In order to change character color just click on MY ROBLOX option and then click on CHARACTER option to check out character option screen. With this particular option, you can use all the clothes that you have in the stock and change the color by using the picture of your Character present on the bottom of the page. There are 60 color options thus offering you amazing gaming experience.
  5. Get The Noclip Tool – When you desire to complete your quests in quick time and in right manner, there is a need to make use of the noclip tool. With the tool at your disposal, it becomes possible to shorten your path. You are allowed to go through the walls and many different objects with just one hit on the mouse button. Now, in order to use the Noclip tool, you are required to stand in front of the wall and the object you want to pass and click the mouse button. This particular tool has not been created by the Roblox Corporation but by other members of the gaming platform. Getting the tool is not tough as you need to click on Catalog and go to Browse option. Check out the MODELS and select Category to open the search box. Just type Noclip and Click On TAKE ONE option. Here, you need to wait for some time as confirmation message will pop up soon and don’t do anything between that.


Using Roblox beginner’s guide is a way to enjoy the gaming platform lot more and that too without investing huge effort and money. Certainly, there are many more tips and tricks to assist you out and but you need to search them out. Make sure, you follow quality guides and follow them properly. Roblox is the best way to kill boring moments of your life and have real fun while designing awesome games. If possible, try hard to find a quality online roblox hack tool to generate many Robux free of cost. A good tool at your disposal will allow you to employ Roblox properly and that too without any worries of spending your hard earned money on virtual currencies of the game.